Andy Murray is not a celebrity, but he is a model of perfect health

Andy Murray is not a celebrity, but he is a model of perfect health

Djokovic leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection, but secrecy with drink mixture draws scrutiny

In the past year Andy Murray has come under fire from various quarters for his behaviour on and off the court. Most concerning for tennis devotees was his habit of talking to his mother by phone during the matches, which came to light last year and caused consternation in the wake of two particularly controversial defeats to Roger Federer.

“We know he’s a very private person, and we know his mother doesn’t want to be in the limelight,” said Andy Murray’s father, the former Lawn Tennis Association president, and a member of the WTA’s governance committee.

The same attitude seems to be evident in Murray’s most recent decision: not drinking alcohol while competing in Grand Slam tournaments.

The rules state the player can have a cup of coffee, one glass of wine or one glass of beer during the competition.

As a result, it seems not only Murray has managed to avoid being criticised for his behaviour, but also for his appearance. He is a model of perfect health and appears to have put on weight.

For many years the only time you saw him in shorts was during Wimbledon. In other tournaments, he often seems more comfortable with a track suit. And unlike many players whose personal appearance is often associated with a certain level of success, Murray seems to have achieved a level where he does not need to stand out as much.

But he is not without his critics, even those who may be his biggest champions.

“He never looks the same. I never remember this, but he was always very strong in the second set, and then he looked very tired when it was time for the changeover,” said Björn Borg, Murray’s frequent rival.


But some critics appear to have taken their own cue from the Swedish master. Since becoming the first player in the Open era to win Wimbledon and the US Open

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