Bill O’Brien vs. Dan Fetterman: The Big Night

Bill O’Brien vs. Dan Fetterman: The Big Night

Fetterman-Oz Debate Tonight: What to Watch for

This is it – the big night for the Bill O’Brien-Dan Fetterman debate. With just over a month until the first round of votes, you’ll soon find out just how far Dan Fetterman’s lead in the polls has gotten after the first two weeks of campaigning. Tonight, O’Brien and Fetterman will debate during Monday Night Football on NFL Network, which will air at 8:30pm ET.

It’s the first time O’Brien will confront Fetterman on the national stage as a full-time coach before a national audience. The two will face off for the first 20 minutes of the debate, and O’Brien, who has never debated before, is the heavy favorite according to the latest USA Today-Coakley polling.

What will the debate be like? A lot of things to be excited about. O’Brien is arguably the best coach in the NFL (his 5-8 record against the Bengals is tied for the best in the divisional race) and will undoubtedly make his opponents look ridiculous by outworking them week after week. The first 20 minutes will be a chance for O’Brien to show he’s the man and dominate the debate, as he’s done in the past. O’Brien has been incredibly successful with the media and the national audience, so it’s a fair bet that the questions he receives this time around will make it appear he’s at least a slight bit overrated. He’s the master of the questions, and he’s proven he can ask them a million ways to prove he’s the best coach in the NFL.

The debate will also be a chance for Fetterman to prove he’s the front-runner. He’s won two Super Bowls with the Colts and has a Super Bowl victory to his

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