Brian Johnson’s widow says he was a “wild man”

Brian Johnson's widow says he was a "wild man"

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson reveals in memoir he ‘wouldn’t have minded’ dying at 180 mph (290 kph)

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Brian Johnson, the rock and roller who died at the age of 180, was a “wild man”, according to his widow, Trisha’s mother.

In an interview last month, her daughter, Marlene, revealed that Johnson had been so fearless in his pursuit of “high speed love”, as he referred to his music, that he had even considered dying when he was just 19 years old at the age of 17.

She also revealed that her late husband had told her after she had told him of her concerns that he had gone through with the suicide attempt with the guitar, when she had refused to believe her own father’s suicide attempt had been a suicide attempt.

Johnson’s death was confirmed on Monday night after his widow said that he was not doing well and was not conscious.

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia, Marlene Johnson said she was shocked to learn of her husband’s death after speaking to him earlier and he had told her he had not been eating.

She said he had told her that he was going to do something to kill himself.

During the conversation, he admitted he had a “bad day” and had taken LSD.

“He said he’d been singing a lot and playing guitar and his friend told him he should just give up. He said he wanted to take himself but was nervous about trying and didn’t want to kill himself. So he was going to do some LSD instead,” Marlene told the Daily Mail.

She said Johnson had been doing some things to find out what was wrong with him as a guitar player, which included taking various pills and going to a “hippie type of drug club”.

“He was just like a young man and didn’t know the meaning of the word,” she said.

“When he took the pill, he just took it, and it made him feel really sleepy. Then he decided to go to a hippie drug club.

“He didn’t know what was happening to him. I asked him if it was a joke and he said it wasn’t and I thought it was just a bad dream.”

Johnson, who was known as one of the most famous guitar players in rock history, died at his home in Redfern on Sydney’s north shore in Melbourne on

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