Meghan and Paris Hilton have been seen together since their romance began

Meghan and Paris Hilton have been seen together since their romance began

Meghan Markle envied Paris Hilton? Apparently so — and here’s how she got over it.

The daughter of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan of Wales has been spotted hanging out with the daughter of Paris Hilton — and, boy, did she get a lot of envy from the “bad” queen.

And while it wasn’t exactly the high-five they were in the middle of doing — according to new reports, Meghan was apparently with the 20-year-old starlet at the time and she was so in awe of her beauty that she felt the need to show it off.

The insider also said that the two “bonded” over their mutual love for Harry and Meghan’s love of the queen: “They’ve been texting each other all day and they just keep getting each other better.”

“When Meghan first saw Paris’s Instagram she was like, ‘She’s perfect! I wish I was her!’” the insider continued in their comments.

While Meghan hasn’t been seen with the 20-year-old since, she may have seen her on Instagram — Meghan even snapped a photo of her at the star’s birthday party last year.

And while you may be wondering who else, Paris and Meghan have been seen together a lot since their romance began — and we were very excited to see Meghan even be more open about her relationship with the reality TV star as she revealed that they “really hit it off.”

“Meghan’s just got a beautiful side, and I’m excited to watch her grow more and more so that we can do this together as a family, as friends, as co-workers, and just be with each other in all the ways that we can in life,” Paris said at a New York City event — and the Queen also spoke about the couple’s relationship and said “there is a lot more to come.”

“Meghan is a really remarkable young woman and she is very deserving of many, many more crowns and I’m excited to stand by her side and to support her in whatever she needs,” she told a reporter at the time.

“A lot of people will have probably heard a lot of things and they may have thought or said the things that they’ve said or done,” the first lady added. “A

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