Sexual assault in Calgary

Sexual assault in Calgary

Court dismisses appeal of southern Alberta man’s sexual assault convictions

D.P. (not his real name), 26, and his girlfriend, M.P., 21 (not his real name), were arrested in Edmonton on March 9, 2015 for sexual assault following an incident that happened in Calgary on March 1.

Police were contacted by a woman who was raped in her home after drinking too much at the Calgary Stampede. D.P. is a student at Edmonton University and M.P. is studying at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, but they’re not the only people they know.

D.P. was charged with sexual assault.

“This was clearly a very targeted attack,” said RCMP Cpl. Julie Grierson. “Not only did they choose the home where they chose to do this, they chose to sexually assault and assault somebody that was drinking with them at the time with no prior warning.”

“They’re both very well-known students,” added Grierson. “There was no reason for this guy to have done this and he’s obviously very, very upset about it, which is an indication that either he planned this or he wanted to get his revenge.”

The first time we talked to one of the accused, D.P., about the accused. The second time we spoke to them together.

D.P., we’re told, was never very confident of his own abilities at fault-finding.

“That whole thing is such a mess. It’s like, I just want to know what happened,” he said during our first conversation. “I don’t want to hear any of y’all saying y’all don’t

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