Sydney emergency centre to be packed out within days

Sydney emergency centre to be packed out within days

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Sydney hospital to be packed out within days

SYDNEY, July 19 (Xinhua) — The Sydney emergency centre will be completely booked out within a few days, with an increasing number of patients arriving with nowhere else to turn, a doctor said Friday.

At 6 p.m. Friday, the centre received 46 patients in the first hour of a 48-hour period, and at 10 p.m., it had received 80.

“No matter what the weather is like, patients just show up, it’s like a flood,” said Dr. Chris Chapman, director of the Sydney Emergency Department.

Some of the patients are in the hospital for minor injuries, while others are very ill.

“Some are coming in for a broken hip or for a minor cut, they need to be seen on the same day. Some of them have come in with broken limbs or gunshot wounds, some are with head injuries, some have come in with neck injuries, some are in a state of shock coming in with high levels of trauma,” Chapman told Xinhua earlier this week.

“There’s a few patients that have had their head trauma and are in a bad way, as well as people coming in with gunshot wounds,” he said.

The Sydney hospital has been overwhelmed by the number of people coming from interstate, with many arriving by air.

“We do have people from Queensland and Victoria coming into the hospital every day, sometimes not all at the same time, so there’s a big backlog with people coming in from interstate every day, and some of [it] has to be accommodated within the hospital,” said Chapman.

“We are not taking them on in the emergency department, so we’re having to transfer them to the hospital on the other side of the hospital to have them examined, and it’s been a real

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