T.J. Miller’s Comments on the Choice Between His Career and His Marriage to Jessica Alba

T.J. Miller’s Comments on the Choice Between His Career and His Marriage to Jessica Alba

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T.J. Miller has been on a roll lately. The former WWE star, who has appeared in several of the film’s supporting cast, is about to become a father along with his girlfriend, Jessica Alba. As these two newlyweds prepare to welcome their baby, the question arises, how do they decide if they are going to give up their careers along for their baby’s well-being?

Miller says that he does not think about the decision one way or another. “I just think there’s no right way. The way we’re planning to raise the child is just by nature, in the way that we will parent our child, I think it will be the best for him,” says the 29-year-old WWE wrestler. “I have two boys and I know that they both were very happy in their life. When you have two children, it’s your job and yours alone to help them go to college, right?”

Miller’s words ring true for WWE, where the company provides paid maternity leave to its employees, plus a free day of leave. In reality, Miller’s comments are actually quite positive, despite the negative connotations that sometimes come with the word “maternity.” Miller’s stance is likely echoed by the other cast members who are going to have to make the best decisions about whether to continue their careers, or leave one for the sake of their baby.

We know that the choice ultimately comes down to you and your partner. You are the best person to make that decision, so if you have ever been in a similar situation in your life, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

If you’d like to see T.J. and Jessica’s baby pictures go live right now, head to The Hollywood Reporter Facebook page.

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