The Blue Wave: The Senate Majority

The Blue Wave: The Senate Majority

Nearly 46 million votes have been cast in the midterms, but it’s unclear what it means for election day itself. Trump is looking to get his Republicans in line in November, and Democrats just suffered their worst loss in state and national history.

Is it a blue wave? We’re a ways off from flipping the Senate, but we’re getting closer. Republicans have a good chance to pick up just more than half the seats in the lower house. Democrats need to pick up three seats to have a shot at the majority, which would make them the first Democratic majority since 1954.

This could help Democrats take back the House, as they need 24 to take back the majority. But because more seats must flip this fall, the Senate majority would need to be captured by one party or the other to get that far.

Here’s how to break down what’s at stake on Day 1 of Tuesday, November 6.

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