The Mother Who Stole Her Daughter’s Life

The Mother Who Stole Her Daughter's Life

Natasha Leggero believes the world deserves her children — and yours too.

In a way, it seems she deserves everything. It’s not unusual for a mother to have a child, and she’s been blessed with a daughter named Natasha Leggero. After all, she’s seen some tough times.

One of Leggero’s daughters was murdered in New York City. Her son died while in a gang fight in Los Angeles. Another daughter was stabbed in a gang fight in South Philadelphia. And the Leggero household had a lot of other tragedies as well, including the loss of two members to suicide.

In addition, while Natasha Leggero says all her children are happy, she adds that her daughter Sasha, 16, is still dealing with the trauma of being stabbed in 2012.

“I remember the day Sasha was stabbed,” Leggero said. “I was sitting in the living room with Sasha, and she was crying uncontrollably. I sat down and held her. I realized what she was really crying about. All I could think was ‘Lord, please don’t let that happen to my Sasha.’ That’s the kind of man I am, I’m going to do anything to protect my children.”

Leggero’s determination to raise Natasha’s children, not only as her own, but to do what’s best for them, makes it easy to believe her when she says her family has a “miraculous” recovery. According to Leggero, Natasha’s children, whose names are J.K. and Isaiah, have improved after starting treatment.

As Natasha’s children were struggling with mental health issues, they were not able to get services to manage their illnesses. That’s when Leggero’s daughter Sasha called her, and she went through a period of intense anger and despair.

A few months before her attack, Leggero had asked Natasha if she could go shopping for clothes for the kids. Once the store was closed, Leggero invited Natasha over to her home in an attempt to buy clothes to try on her daughters. She made it clear that she believed the children could not afford it and that Natasha needed to cover the cost. Natasha eventually gave in, and she bought the clothes.

The next time the women talked, Leggero asked Natasha if she had told her children about their agreement. Leggero admitted that she had not.

“I was worried that I was being

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