The North Valley Editor

The North Valley Editor

Letters to the Editor: Could Karen Bass and Rick Caruso form a ‘team of rivals’?

The following letters were e-mailed to the News-Press’s editorial board by members of the community.

The editor has placed the letters in the reader comments portion of this section to acknowledge their receipt.

Let’s see, my neighbors in the Valley North and Valley South, I could be wrong about this. I hope I am. What I do know is, all three of these editors work together at the News-Press; they go to work on the same day. And in their own way, they do work together.

First, Rick Caruso. He is the Valley North editor, but the Valley South editor, I believe, is Karen Bass. Karen Bass is the Valley South editor, although now the News-Press is using the name “North Valley News.”

As the editor in chief, I have to say this about Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. They are good friends. They go to work on the same day. They are in the same house together, and, as they say, they work together in the same room.

I’ve often gone to see Karen Bass with someone and she would come out from behind her desk and join us in the courtyard where we were having coffee or a beer.

But this time, I went to have a drink with Karen, and she said,“Rick Caruso is the North Valley editor.”

Is this true? I had already figured that out. When I first worked at the News-Press as a reporter, I was in the North Valley; then Rick came to be the editor, and I worked in the South Valley. But now I find out that he is the North Valley editor?

Rick Caruso is a friend of mine. We are both from New London, a town in the North Valley, and we have been neighbors for many years. He knows my wife, the only surviving member of the original Caruso family. And he knows my brother, the editor for the last two decades of the News-Press.

Does Rick Caruso look down on you in the office, with all those big computers and all those telephone lines?

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