The Takeaway: Women on the Supreme Court

The Takeaway: Women on the Supreme Court

I’m Susie Lee: This is why I want Nevada’s vote in the midterm election to pass.

We want to talk about how women got a seat on the Supreme Court and the importance of that seat.

Nevada has a huge number of women on its Supreme Court.

But there was a huge battle, it took years. And it wasn’t until 2011 that it finally happened.

That’s why I’m so upset that in the same campaign that I want to have the power in my community, in my state, to be able to choose who’s going to fill the Supreme Court, that I want to be able to have a fair opportunity.

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The Supreme Court has the unique privilege of not only deciding the rules of the land for the country, but the state and the community. You have the power in your community to make sure that the decisions that you do make, that you don’t make just because you think what you think.

Now that is all just so exciting. But we have to remember who we are, we have to remember who’s running for this seat.

That said, I’m going to tell you that I stand firmly behind the idea that the votes for this seat cannot be wasted. I know there are a lot of women that voted for Hillary Clinton because they thought, what a brilliant choice.

But I also know that a lot of us don’t love the idea of a Supreme Court that is not filled with women.

I also know that there are a lot of women, the next justice needs to be a woman. And I think it is really important for the next justice to be a woman.

So what I want is that it’s the right thing to do, and more importantly, women need to be heard.

You can tell that I’m a pretty strong-minded woman. But what did you do for me when I ran against your brother?

I want to be able to choose who’s going to fill that place.

I want the next justice to be a woman.

In this case, it’s the next

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