The US Government Will Take Every Cent of the Money People Save in Inflation Relief Debit Cards

The US Government Will Take Every Cent of the Money People Save in Inflation Relief Debit Cards

Inflation relief debit cards to be sent out to Californians starting today

On Dec 5, 2011

With California facing a multi-billion dollar budget deficit of at least $44 billion the idea of people not having access to the basic services it has come to be known as the “double dip”

As a reminder, here in California, the credit and debit cards for people with inflation relief debit cards are being discontinued by the state of California.

We are asking those who may have received their card that they contact the California Department of Consumer Affairs at (916) 445-4420 to find out if you have the money and use it to replace the card.

This is the same department that decided to close all but five of the state’s over 800,000 California accounts for disabled Californians to keep them from being reported to the IRS — or worse. It has an office in each county, in some cases several offices in each county. It is the same department that shut down “free” money to those who have lived on state aid.

What is good about the California State Department of Consumer Affairs is that it is the only state agency involved in the direct replacement of inflation relief debit cards with bank cards. That is why we have filed a lawsuit challenging the law.

The other reason we have made the above comment is to remind everyone that the US government will take every cent of the money people have saved in their inflation relief debit cards — a total of more than five billion dollars.

The US Supreme Court ruled in the case of National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius that the IRS must count the money saved in inflation relief debit and credit cards as taxable income. It is clear that the US government will take that money, at a minimum, tax free, and add to the Federal debt. That, in effect, is what is happening in California.

The above money is being used to pay for benefits for people who now have no basic services at all to take care of their basic needs.

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