The Women’s Movement

The Women’s Movement

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors, women warriors and women’s warrior film makers

Women are rarely portrayed as warriors in action films or television dramas. And yet, there are women who have stood up for their rights. What are these women doing, that these men don’t?

We have the women warriors of India’s freedom movement. They are the most glorious and heroic figures of the independence movement. They are the women who are not only willing to fight on the frontiers of their home, but who also help the government to build the country at a time when it was not easy to win.

We have the women in Australia who have fought for their rights. They put everything on the line, they are willing to fight as many wars as it takes, to protect the human dignity. Australia’s First Nations women warriors are now some of the most celebrated figures of these days.

And we have women who, in the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s, decided to take the courage to do what their men couldn’t dare to. They were determined to become actresses and directors. This movement came to be known as the Women’s Movement.

In India, the Indian National Congress used the women’s movement to garner votes and power. The women’s movement in the 70s helped them win a landslide victory in the 1989 elections.

At the same time in Australia, the first indigenous women’s rights movement began in the 1970s. Women were demanding the right to wear the headscarf and to work outside the home.

It is these two movements which give a strong sense of direction to the movie “Danger Game”. We don’t know who are the women warriors of the movie. We know that they are strong, they are brave, they don’t have a strong sense of responsibility; they are not afraid to stand up and fight. The other side of the coin has been the battle for women’s rights in India and Australia.

The women in the movie can be considered as role models who have taken their own lives. The same could be said about the women who have chosen to take their lives in both India and Australia and the women who have joined the fight. Women in India have killed themselves and left behind heartbreaking suicides for their families. In Australia

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